Universal/Soul/Self/Life Awareness & the Second Coming
Monday, May 31, 2004
There has been alot of conjecture regarding the Second Coming - of Christ, of King Arthur, of Elvis, etc.

This, now, to me, seems somewhat amusing. If one is to look at the world as a stage then surely we are currently staging one of the largest productions of 'Waiting for Godot' EVER!

Why are so many people waiting for the One that is already here - that, in fact, never left? As Jesus said, "Why do you seek the living among the dead?"

Doesn't the Bible say God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, etc. Omni, quite simply means All. God, therefore, is All. All that is, and dare I say, even all that is not. Therefore, how can God NOT be with us? And, further, not only with us but AS us? For how many possible All's can there be in the Universe? Answer - only One.

Thus, All of us are the One and the One is All of us. The only difference being, perhaps, that some of us choose to express this Truth consciously - as our exemplar brother Jesus the Christ - and some choose to do so unconsciously. Some insist - not me, not I, I can never be like Jesus or whatever teacher or guru we choose to worship. But this is just arguing for our limitations which, being the co-creators we are, is very effective in limiting the experience of the truth of our Being. It does not, however, change the truth of our Being. It just delays our experience of true Freedom, Joy and Love.

The recent movie the Passion of the Christ was well done. However, it once again opened old wounds regarding who 'killed' Jesus. Pish and posh. NOBODY 'killed' Jesus! The Christ is NOT DEAD and lives in each of us! Thus, (S)he is very much ALIVE! But, as so far as the drama of what occurred is concerned - WE ALL 'killed' ourSelf as Jesus, and WE ALL were crucified, and rose from the dead to live again an eternal/internal Life. The players of the Passion were all only each aspects of the One Self that is the One I AM. 'Judas' and 'Jesus' were two sides of the SAME COIN - betrayer and betrayed - which ONE of us who has lived any length of life can say we never experienced this in our own lives? 'Peter' shows how we deny ourselves when confronted with our Truth, as we continue to do every time we say 'not I', "I couldn't possibly be the Son or Daughter of God' or simply defer to someone 'else' 'outside' of ourselves to tell us what to do with our lives, or how to think or what our morality should be for today. 'Caiphus' was merely taking care of Number One and the "Pharisees" were only trying to maintain the status quo - once again, who can say they NEVER did this to the detriment of another, or even MANY 'others'? Please. Giveth me a break.

What does all this 'mea culpa, mea culpa' have to do with Jesus' message - ye are gods, and greater things you shall do than this? Do you know why Jesus said, 'Bless them Lord, they know not what they do?" Because, dear ones, 'they' were crucifying 'themselves.' He came to remind us of who we really are and we insisted for a couple thousand years to 'hit the snooze' on that particular alarm. Remember, he said, ' Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me?' Well, surprise surprise, people - that same thing goes for EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US! Quite simply, there is no one and nobody ELSE to do it to! There is only our SELF, our SOUL, our LIFE, our BEING. The We of Us that I AM, the I AM that We Are. We are One and the One is all of us.

If one truly wishes to do honor to one's guru, be it Jesus or any of the other Beautiful Many teachers that have touched so many lives then it is best to say to oneself, "My Lord/Lady walks with me AS me! Speaks with me AS me!", etc. THIS is the message come full circle - at last being received and fulfilled as it was meant to be from the Beginning. There is no glory or honor for your Teacher in saying, "I am not worthy." Because if you are not, WHO IS? If not you WHO? and if not now, WHEN?

So, what then is the nature of our being? We are Life itself - both being and happening. Thus, Life cannot perish. One form of Life or another may pass from our sight but Life itself continues eternally/internally. To say that the Christ perished with the physical being known as Jesus is like saying that a radio station was destroyed when one - JUST ONE! - radio was smashed. The transmission, you see, remained and remains untouched. The Christ is a frequency of Being that is highly evolved and teaches that we are all One. Thus, all who know this and express this consciously, are a Christ. Thus, we have Mary the Christ, Michael the Christ, and Ferdinand the Christ. In fact, YOUR NAME HERE the Christ, if you so choose to express as such. You just have to tune into the Christ within you. Your body is the receiver as well as being a transmitter for all frequencies of Being. TUNE IN and TURN ON TO LOVE, JOY, PEACE, FREEDOM - Life itself.

So, stop waiting, Beloved. You are HERE, NOW! Go forth and be a light unto the world! You see, YOU are the one you have been seeking ALL ALONG! All the answers you ever needed to all the questions you have ever asked or shall ask are WITHIN YOU! Know who you TRULY are and expresss yourself as that. Choice is your greatest strength. All your choices are made out of one of two poles - Love and Fear. Fear can have a strong grip on a person if that has been the choice we have made so many times - and we create our own limitations. But you can change all that - one step at a time - by saying or thinking 'I choose love!' again and again until you realize that, in truth, you NEVER really had anything to fear except your own fear itself. And thus, does Truth set you free....

Fly high, fly free!

Love and light,
Friday, May 07, 2004

My name is Marya and this is my first blog entry ever.

I'm an old pro at journaling however so this shouldn't be so difficult. I guess the thing is that I am aware that what I write here goes out onto the internet so EVERYBODY who wishes to can read it. Huzzah! I'm finally a published writer! Self-published but, then, aren't we all?

Just a note: I use the terms Soul, Self, Universe, and God(ess) interchangeably because to me, they are One and the same.

I am part of a rapidly growing collective of Self-aware beings that have chosen to help bring about some very sorely needed changes in the way humanity views itself, the world it lives on, and the universal community it belongs to.

You may not have heard of me. Most likely not. However, you may have heard of one or more of my/our Family members on the following list:

Richard Bach
Neale Donald Walsch
Michael 'Papa Nez' Nesmith
Mike Tooley aka 'The Universe' (You can check out his website at www.tut.com)
Swami Beyondananda
Mahavatar Babaji
... just to name a few. There are more. There is more. MUCH more....

If you haven't read or even heard of any of the above authors/teachers/Family members, then I sincerely hope you take a moment out soon to check out their most recent works.

If what you read resonates with you, please be sure to check back here every once in a while for my latest musings and inspirations from the same Source that inspired and continues to inspire and shall always (all ways) inspire the Family of the Self. (Oh yeah, you are a member of the Family, too! - That's what we're all about, helping to remind our Family members that they ALL are Sons and Daughters of God(ess). It seems some of us chose to forget that somewhere along the way but the beauty of it is we can always choose to remember again whenever we want to.)

This is fun! Looking forward to blogging with you more!

Sincerely, your soul sister,


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