Universal/Soul/Self/Life Awareness & the Second Coming
Sunday, July 11, 2004
Well, here we are folks. At the end which is also the beginning. The signs are all around us. God is screaming at the top of her lungs - time for a CHANGE! Enough, already, of the thoughts of separation, lack, and hopelessness and helplessness that have been foisted upon humanity by those who are either not aware of their own personal power or know full well what we are capable of and are afraid that someday (TODAY!!) we should discover our true power as unlimited free beings capable of ANYTHING we can imagine and then evolving to even greater imaginings of ourselves and our world.

Michael Moore and his beautiful work Fahrenheit 9/11 is a clarion call to arms. We, as a people, need to get off our collective asses and stand up for ourselves and just START by saying 'no' when the powers that wish us to remain placid and asleep come knocking on our doors, personally or societally. JUST SAY 'NO' FOLKS! It's within you. It's within me. It is remarkable how much power there is in the individual who is not willing to sacrifice their own integrity for the false and empty promise of being liked by everybody or being 'normal'. Nobody with ANY integrity to themselves is liked by everybody, that is a false god. We all have friends and that is all we need to help us face the day. A few good friends. But first and foremost, we need to be our OWN BEST FRIEND, for we cannot possibly have greater friends than the friend we are prepared to be to ourselves.

Also, there is NO SUCH THING as NORMAL except that we are all EXCEPTIONALLY UNIQUE!! We were NOT created to be the same as everything and everyone else. The universe has it's reasons for making us all one of a kind. We are created to be INTERDEPENDENT, not dependent or co-dependent. And, no one is free if we ourselves as the individuals we are are not free. I have declared my own independence from the need for the acceptance of 'others' because, quite frankly, they don't exist. There is NO OTHER, there is no ELSE - no outside, anti- what nots, just the ONE that we all comprise. There is NOWHERE if not HERE. There is no time if not NOW. Also, there is no one here if not YOU (for I AM YOU and YOU ARE ME! Don't remember typing this? Well, that's just a condition of the I-Amnesia that you are now coming out of. Don't worry. It will come to you! Remember to keep repeating to yourself, "I am that I am that I am that I am that I am.... Repeat as needed. Go, baby, go!)

It is time to give a giant YOP!! and let the Universe know WE ARE HERE! WE ARE NOW!! WE ARE ONE!!

Let us lift up our voices as one and declare our freedom, for as King Arthur says, we have ALL WAYS been free from our first breath - and no one can take it lest we willingly give it. Also, if we at one point in our process have given it to forces 'outside' of ourselves we can ALL WAYS take it back whenever we wish - for it is OURS FOREVER - our DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT AS SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD!!


Love all ways,
Sunday, June 20, 2004
I'm going to keep this one short and sweet.

There is a very good movie 'out there' called "What the ?X#! Do We Know?!" starring Marlee Matlin. I saw it TWICE this last Friday and it carries with it the spark that I believe has the potential to light the powder keg of as yet untapped potential posessed by the gods and goddesses now present on this planet (of which you are one!)

It is a discussion of quantum physics and how, at last, scientists are beginning to see that the miracles and truths that avatars like Buddha and Jesus can actually be exemplified in the mechanics of quantum physics. Science and Sprituality have met, merged, melded and are now indistinguishible one from the other in the space provided by quantum physics.

Right now it is on a very limited tour and if you have the opportunity to see it now I highly recommend you take it. The DVD will be out soon - a four disc set which will include the full interviews of the scientists, theologians and spiritual teachers which are featured in the movie as well as the movie itself. In the meantime feel free to check out the website for the movie - www. whatthebleep.com.

That's all for today, folks! Take it easy, and if it's easy take it twice. :-)

Love all ways,
Saturday, June 12, 2004
Has anybody really SEEN the movie 'Being John Malkovich'? I mean, there is so much truth in the movie it can easily give one chills.

For instance, has it dawned on anyone that, really, the only perspective we are capable of experiencing life from is our own - as the 'first person'?

Really, if we haven't personally experienced something, then everything else is just stories. Stories from "I just went to the corner to buy a quart of milk, and you wouldn't guess who I met" to "While I was on the way to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives...." Stories. Descriptions. Verbal pictures painted for us to IMAGINE what the 'other' person has experienced. Each of us has our own personal story, from birth to present day. Then we also mostly know the story of how we came to be where we are and with whom we are with. Then we know the story of where we live. Then we know the story of our country. Then we know the story of the planet, at least enough to believe that it has always been here and will remain in existence well beyond the day we 'die'.

Stories. We are all walking, talking, living, breathing stories. Unless we live in the Here and Now. A being who lives in the Here and Now only knows they exist for sure. That is What Is. I Am. THAT is an indisputable fact. As far as the past is concerned, it was an experience and it has since passed into story, into personal myth. And these stories, depending upon PERSPECTIVE, can either empower the bearer or bring the bearer down - their perspective being their choice.

Take for instance, my own story. There have been quite a few 'rough spots' in the process of my personal evolution that is my Life. Now, I could choose to look at these rough spots as times when I was shown to be weak, lacking in certain departments and unworthy of life, and/or put upon by 'others' beyond my ability to endure - in other words, as a victim of my circumstances. I could also choose to victimize others as a quid pro quo to the world - to 'get back at' and 'get even with' my personal demons.

Yet, that is not my choice. My choice is to seek the gift that comes with each challenge. To boldly declare that that which does not kill me (and NOTHING ever truly will) only makes me stronger. My choice is to be at peace with my brokenness so that I may find a new wholeness. My position is that I do not need to be fixed - that RIGHT NOW I am all I need to be. It is good. It is ENOUGH. And it will change, soon. My answers are within and, if anything, I just need to ask myself more questions and RELY on those answers more. Nothing outside of myself - not people, places, things, fame or fortune - can truly satisfy the hunger I have within myself for the jewels of Life: Truth, Simplicity, Love, Joy, Freedom, Beauty, Self Awareness, Self Esteem, Compassion, Empathy, Intuition, Wisdom, Companionship, etc.

I choose to choose. I choose Love. I choose the Real and to experience what is truly REAL, not what I have been told by 'others'. I choose to believe my own little inner voice within that guides me now so strongly yet started so quietly. It got easier to hear once I really started to listen to it. Now, I know it is my own true Guru. It is my Teacher, my Master. And (S)he is with me all ways. That voice is my own Highest and Wisest Self, graduate of the 'been there, done that' school of Life. And really, to look at Her, She doesn't first look like much - just a small electric blue light dancing around like Tinkerbell in my third eye, about the size of a mustard seed. Yet, I understand that with more meditation (S)he will eventually stand still and then, the next stage is to enter into Her and Her world. Literally, I choose to keep my own council. And I choose to be very, very happy - no 'matter' what, because nothing matters anyways. It's ALL energy - in one form or another.

I choose to believe that the Universe has been HIGHLY underestimated up to this point, but that that will soon change. I choose to REALIZE that the only fiction about fiction is that it is fiction and that history - from personal to that of the world - is another matter entirely. Here is an entire race of people which, scientists estimate, only use about one tenth of the total potential of their brain's capacity to get through their ENTIRE cradle to grave lives and that THINK that they have God, the Universe and Everything all figured out - that THIS is possible but THAT is not. HAH!!! C'mon people, get a grip. ALL POSSIBILITIES EXIST, HERE AND NOW. And that's just for starters...

Facts and figures are forms of F.E.A.R. - False Evidence Appearing Real. They have some use for some things but they CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be used to take the measure of ANY PERSON! What we can become is not limited by what we have experienced - unless we choose to allow it.

There is a wonderful book by Richard Bach called 'Illusions - The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah'. It was one of the touchstones on my path to Now. If you haven't read it and you feel drawn to what you are reading here, then it is very likely that you will resonate with you as well. There is also a movie for which the screenplay was written by Bruce Lee before he died yet enacted and embodied by David Carradine called 'The Circle of Iron.' It's kind of a 'Zen 101' course, but also excellent as an expansion of the ideas I have layed out here.

Stories. Funny. I am a writer who is also a character within a story within a story within a story within a story, ad infinitum. And then that goes not only infinitely 'outside' of me but also within me as well. In fact, as I see it, it is ALL happening within me. What is 'outside' of me is actually an outpicturing of what is going on within me. I am (and we are) only dreaming. I am both a butterfly dreaming to be a person and a person dreaming that I am also, in another part of my Self experience - my Matrix - a butterfly. And, because I have experienced life, I have developed character. I think that is the key. Everybody in Life is a character - a part and aspect of All That Is. It's HAVING character that makes us the Velveteen Rabbit, that makes us 'real'. I am Real, in the highest sense of the word. I exist. I AM. Beyond that, all bets are off.

Oh, I have ideas about myself. But those change as I evolve. Just as your ideas about yourself change as you go through Life. The only constant in the universe is change. The trick is to remain flexible, to roll with the punches and go with the flow. The more one resists change the more pain one experiences. The change happens anyways, but you just put yourself through alot of unecessary suffering in the attempt to block it. Oh, you may delay it, but you can NEVER stop it. And I say this from experience. Been there, done that. The more I go with my own inner flow the more my life flows freely through me and around me - the more true wealth I experience. Wealth that does not gather dust nor that thieves can take in the night. I estimate that I must truly be one of the wealthiest persons on the planet right now because I know what I truly have - my SELF! There is nothing 'else' that I can ever truly posess. Really, there is nothing else anyways. But there doesn't need to be. All that I am is all I need. All I desire. All I love. It is enough, and it is good.

Gratitude. I have an attitude of gratitude. I all ways have enough. It is more than a belief. It is my knowing. I have exactly what I need in my life right now to live this moment to the fullest. And I give thanks. Funny how much more fully I experience life now that I give thanks for EVERYTHING - whether I think, at first, that it may be 'good' or 'bad'.

My prayer now, when going into an event with an uncertain outcome is, "Whatever happens, thank you!" Because I know EVERYTHING works together for my ultimate good. The ONLY thing that may be lacking at the present moment would be my appreciation of that FACT. So, I work out my spiritual and mental muscles appreciating what on the surface seems undesireable. It gets easier and easier until I see that NOTHING truly undesireable happens to me, because if it was truly undesireable it would not happen in the first place. Nothing touches me lest I allow it to. No one takes my life lest I lay it down. I am the one who chooses, no one 'else'.

So, thank you for being you. Thank you for reading what I have to say. And thank you for WHATEVER you choose to do beyond this point as a result of reading this. It's ALL GOOOOOOD! It's all God. It's all Life.

Blessed be!

Love all ways,

Sunday, June 06, 2004
Frankly, I believe that a lot of the misery and misunderstanding that we as a people are presently experiencing upon the earth comes from some very basic ASSUMPTIONS and not facts. So, allow me to attempt to make some things a little more clearer. Let those whom have ears hear, those whom have eyes see. There are NO coincidences or accidents, thus it is no accident you are reading these words.

First of all, every one of us is a triumvirate being consisting of mind, body, and spirit. That is something you will all ways be, no matter how many transistions and/or transformations (such as 'death') you experience.

Of mind, body, and spirit there is no one part of our beingness that is more holy or sanctified than another - which may come as a surprise to some but, really, all three are very interdependent and, if you neglect one of the parts the others suffer, and thus does the entire quality of one's life. However, one is urged to remain aware of which part is setting the course of one's experience at any particular moment of now. Be aware, and, if, in your awareness, you are satisfied with the results of the course you are taking then, so be it. If not, you may want to change 'drivers.'

So, we move to the parameters of mind, body and spirit. There is what is assumed about them and there is, simply what is - the Truth - about them. What has been generally assumed by most cultures upon the earth is that the body consists of what we see in the mirror, what shows up in Polaroid pictures, what perhaps need to lose a few pounds or needs a shower; that the mind consists of the grey matter between the body's ears; and that the soul consists of a spiritual presence that extends to the borders of one's aura - approximately three feet from the body - and that it can be sold, saved, or damned.

Now, I do not wish to tell you what to think. You, quite frankly have had enough of that, as have we all. So, I am asking you to consider this:
- That your physical body is only the 'tip of the iceberg' of the focus of your personal perspective. That, in actuallity, your body consists of several layers of which the physical is the densest (slowest) vibrating form of energy through which you move - that, once your physical body is shed, you still have your astral body which resonates very closely to your physical one - that if you saw yourself in an astral mirror you would still recognize yourself - and is also the source of 'phantom pains' which some people experience if they should loose a limb. Beyond that, there are more - many more, layers of body upon/within body - on up to the highest frequencies of energy that can be conceived of - all yours.
- That your 'mind' is not just your brain but consists of your entire body (yes, at all frequencies). Thus, do we begin to understand the phenomena which happens, say, when a older person gets the heart of a young person and they gain some degree of resonance with their donor - sometimes to the point of desiring to skateboard, listen to loud music (that they never heard before), or eat meat when their entire life they had been a vegetarian before the procedure.
- Then we come to the spirit or soul that so many speak of but few understand. How many souls do you think there are? A guess? Millions? Billions? Bazillions? (Most think something like this at the time of this writing. But it's just a thought. And thinking can all ways be changed.) The Truth that would shake the world to it's foundations if today it spread to all that dwell upon the earth is that the Soul - our eternal, infinite, ultimately free and funloving Self - simply put, consists of ALL THAT IS AND ALL THAT IS NOT. It is the great I AM that speaks to us with every voice, that loves us with every friend and family member - in fact every person and presence we experience, that is the food that we eat, the water we drink and the air that we breathe. Also, you don't have to be a quantum physicist to count how many ALL's there are in the Universe. Okay, all together now - how many possible All's of ALL THERE IS AND ALL THAT IS NOT can there be? Answer: One. Yep. We have found the enemy and (s)he is us. Fortunately, we have also found our own best friend in the same breath. (YAY! We can get the party started!!!) The I AM that we are does not demand worship or obedience. It is our own creator AND creation and, being infinite and unlimited, needs NOTHING from us. However, as for it's desires for us - well, it desires many wonderful things like for us to experience ourselves as being as unlimited, free, loved and loving, changing, choosing, joyful, hopeful, ecstatic, etc. that it knows that we can be - if we choose to. In fact, our soul, or Life (which has been often referred to as God) experiences itself through us AS us - not in spite or apart from us). Because we are the Soul and the Soul is us - you, me, everyone. We are truly One. What counts as the stars is how many individuations of the Soul/Self there are - how many aspects of being, perspectives on Life, how many facets this Jewel of Great Price has. Thus, there are no victims or villians. We are all gods among gods - sons and daughters of god - truly created equally (but NOT identically - thus it is best to honor our differences and not judge ourselves - or 'others'). Nothing matters - we are and it is ALL energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed but CAN be transformed at ANY moment of NOW! Just say WHEN!

Another thing - 'good' and 'bad' is a matter of opinion and perspective. Take fire for instance. When you use fire to light a candle, burn incense, boil a potato, or set a log to crackling in your fireplace on a cold winter's night, a person may choose to see the fire as being 'good.' However, if a fire is raging through one's own home, one is frequently inclined to label it 'bad.' Yet fire is neither good nor bad. It just IS. What was 'good' or 'bad' was the outcome - whether it was a desired outcome or not, planned or unplanned for, a result that is relied upon for living or an unpleasant surprise. Thus, it is better to look at what is and what results from that in terms of, 'Is this the desired result/direction that I wish to be having/moving in at this moment?"

Say, for instance, one wished to drive from Los angeles to Seattle. So one promptly hops upon the freeway going south and ends up in San Diego. Now, was it the freeway that was 'bad' or the car, or the driver? Well, the driver may need more instruction on how to read a map or ask directions but it was just an experience and really, no harm done. It just wasn't the desired result, was it? So, a wiser driver buys a sandwich for the road, laughs to themselves, gets back in the car and heads north - right? Well, Life is like that. We're all ways headed somewhere, experiencing the journey - yet, being Life itself, the journey (the process that is Life) is never finished. 'Ends' only herald new 'beginnings'. If our surroundings - the people, places, experiences, etc. are not what we presently desire to have for ourselves then we only need to choose again. And there is no limit to the choices we can make.

Choice is one of our major superpowers (yes, even stronger than a locomotive and faster than a speeding bullet) that many teachers, parents, organized religions and governments strongly urge us NOT to use. Why? Because it is one of our greatest strengths and through it we gain knowledge of WHO WE REALLY ARE which is another of our superpowers. Choice is your OWN PERSONAL POWER given to you by your creator and, if you choose not to exercise it every day in every way then 'they' 'have' it - and you. And why is that? Because you GAVE it to them - it was your choice! The good news, beloved, is you can all ways take it back. Right now. Today. This minute. It is NEVER too late. Choose every day in every way and things will get 'better' and 'better' - MUCH more headed towards 'Seattle' (your heart's desires) than 'San Diego' (what you don't want or are just tired of experiencing again and again).

Also, heaven and hell are states of mind - not places - that can be experienced at any time in life. Just ask someone who is in prison or is being abused - or just won the lottery or an academy award. These are states of mind that we create by our choices - NOBODY puts us there. The Self/Soul or Life, if you wish, does NOT punish us. However, we do experience the results of our choices - naturally and without agenda. If you are not sure what choice to choose when you see you are headed towards 'San Diego' in your life (or even if you're IN 'San Diego') the odds are that you have been making your choices out of fear.

There are only two poles from which you can make ANY choice - Love and Fear. So, to get back 'on course' at any point simply affirm again and again - until the fear, uncertainty and/or doubt (FUD factor) loses it's grip, "I CHOOSE LOVE! I CHOOSE LOVE! I CHOOSE LOVE!" Your own inner navigator knows those coordinates, literally, by heart. Engage!!

We are each Masters and Commanders of our own vessels - they are our own bodies, it is in these we travel through time and space (actually, more like experience time/space - in Truth there is only NOW and HERE - so we are free NOT to go off of what we have experienced 'before' about ourselves, if we so choose).

If you don't like where you are standing now CHOOSE AGAIN! TURN ABOUT! Choose Love! Love yourself FIRST because you cannot love anyone else more than yourself. Simply because, there is nobody ELSE! No OTHER. Just YOU!

Once again, I would like to reiterate - I do not presume to speak for you nor tell you how to think. However, if you resonate (that they 'ring true' with you) with these words - then I only ask that you consider this a gift. Not law. Not gospel. A gift. And it is provided with the hopes that it will touch off a cascade effect within you of more and more resonating thoughts and experiences that will come from within you (which is, actually, where EVERYTHING comes from) and which you will bring into your experience. Go within, beloved, or you will go without.

Whatever you like (resonate with), keep for yourself. Whatever you don't like or don't see yet you can discard or 'put on the back burner' for later. You can't get 'lost' nor 'mess up' - all paths lead Home but the most sacred path, for you, is the one encoded within your own heart. Follow your resonance - follow your own bliss - nobody, nothing, no one else. Least of all me. You are a free being. You are free to make your own choices. Your own mastery lies within you now. It is by making your own resonant choices that you make it's voice heard - both by you and by 'others'. The time of the single Master is over and done. There are many various Masters now upon the earth and as such are gathering together and forming bigger and bigger Peaces of the puzzle that I AM - and soon, as ONE, we will form a big enough Peace to make a significant difference in the world. Birds of a feather.... If you want to soar with eagles, don't be hanging out with turkeys. Not a judgement - just be your own 'Seattle' or 'San Diego' observer.

I see myself as a sort of hostess that walks into a room with a silver plateful of cookies. I smile and offer my cookies to those assembled in the room. It is my happiness to offer the cookies. In this action I am fulfilled. However, the personage assembled are FREE to take a cookie (or two, or more...) or say, 'No thanks, I'm on a diet.' or 'Sorry, I don't like chocolate chip.' They can even take one home for their dog or burn it in effigy. WHATEVER is done or decided with the cookies, as the hostess, is NONE of my business and does not affect my happiness one whit. As I said, my job and my happiness is to simply be able to offer the cookies - as they were made available to me. Frankly, I think they are simply HEAVENLY or I wouldn't offer them in such a public manner. Enjoy! Oh, that's the door - there are more 'guests' arriving.... If you would pardon me....

Love all ways,

Monday, May 31, 2004
There has been alot of conjecture regarding the Second Coming - of Christ, of King Arthur, of Elvis, etc.

This, now, to me, seems somewhat amusing. If one is to look at the world as a stage then surely we are currently staging one of the largest productions of 'Waiting for Godot' EVER!

Why are so many people waiting for the One that is already here - that, in fact, never left? As Jesus said, "Why do you seek the living among the dead?"

Doesn't the Bible say God is Omnipresent, Omniscient, etc. Omni, quite simply means All. God, therefore, is All. All that is, and dare I say, even all that is not. Therefore, how can God NOT be with us? And, further, not only with us but AS us? For how many possible All's can there be in the Universe? Answer - only One.

Thus, All of us are the One and the One is All of us. The only difference being, perhaps, that some of us choose to express this Truth consciously - as our exemplar brother Jesus the Christ - and some choose to do so unconsciously. Some insist - not me, not I, I can never be like Jesus or whatever teacher or guru we choose to worship. But this is just arguing for our limitations which, being the co-creators we are, is very effective in limiting the experience of the truth of our Being. It does not, however, change the truth of our Being. It just delays our experience of true Freedom, Joy and Love.

The recent movie the Passion of the Christ was well done. However, it once again opened old wounds regarding who 'killed' Jesus. Pish and posh. NOBODY 'killed' Jesus! The Christ is NOT DEAD and lives in each of us! Thus, (S)he is very much ALIVE! But, as so far as the drama of what occurred is concerned - WE ALL 'killed' ourSelf as Jesus, and WE ALL were crucified, and rose from the dead to live again an eternal/internal Life. The players of the Passion were all only each aspects of the One Self that is the One I AM. 'Judas' and 'Jesus' were two sides of the SAME COIN - betrayer and betrayed - which ONE of us who has lived any length of life can say we never experienced this in our own lives? 'Peter' shows how we deny ourselves when confronted with our Truth, as we continue to do every time we say 'not I', "I couldn't possibly be the Son or Daughter of God' or simply defer to someone 'else' 'outside' of ourselves to tell us what to do with our lives, or how to think or what our morality should be for today. 'Caiphus' was merely taking care of Number One and the "Pharisees" were only trying to maintain the status quo - once again, who can say they NEVER did this to the detriment of another, or even MANY 'others'? Please. Giveth me a break.

What does all this 'mea culpa, mea culpa' have to do with Jesus' message - ye are gods, and greater things you shall do than this? Do you know why Jesus said, 'Bless them Lord, they know not what they do?" Because, dear ones, 'they' were crucifying 'themselves.' He came to remind us of who we really are and we insisted for a couple thousand years to 'hit the snooze' on that particular alarm. Remember, he said, ' Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me?' Well, surprise surprise, people - that same thing goes for EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US! Quite simply, there is no one and nobody ELSE to do it to! There is only our SELF, our SOUL, our LIFE, our BEING. The We of Us that I AM, the I AM that We Are. We are One and the One is all of us.

If one truly wishes to do honor to one's guru, be it Jesus or any of the other Beautiful Many teachers that have touched so many lives then it is best to say to oneself, "My Lord/Lady walks with me AS me! Speaks with me AS me!", etc. THIS is the message come full circle - at last being received and fulfilled as it was meant to be from the Beginning. There is no glory or honor for your Teacher in saying, "I am not worthy." Because if you are not, WHO IS? If not you WHO? and if not now, WHEN?

So, what then is the nature of our being? We are Life itself - both being and happening. Thus, Life cannot perish. One form of Life or another may pass from our sight but Life itself continues eternally/internally. To say that the Christ perished with the physical being known as Jesus is like saying that a radio station was destroyed when one - JUST ONE! - radio was smashed. The transmission, you see, remained and remains untouched. The Christ is a frequency of Being that is highly evolved and teaches that we are all One. Thus, all who know this and express this consciously, are a Christ. Thus, we have Mary the Christ, Michael the Christ, and Ferdinand the Christ. In fact, YOUR NAME HERE the Christ, if you so choose to express as such. You just have to tune into the Christ within you. Your body is the receiver as well as being a transmitter for all frequencies of Being. TUNE IN and TURN ON TO LOVE, JOY, PEACE, FREEDOM - Life itself.

So, stop waiting, Beloved. You are HERE, NOW! Go forth and be a light unto the world! You see, YOU are the one you have been seeking ALL ALONG! All the answers you ever needed to all the questions you have ever asked or shall ask are WITHIN YOU! Know who you TRULY are and expresss yourself as that. Choice is your greatest strength. All your choices are made out of one of two poles - Love and Fear. Fear can have a strong grip on a person if that has been the choice we have made so many times - and we create our own limitations. But you can change all that - one step at a time - by saying or thinking 'I choose love!' again and again until you realize that, in truth, you NEVER really had anything to fear except your own fear itself. And thus, does Truth set you free....

Fly high, fly free!

Love and light,
Friday, May 07, 2004

My name is Marya and this is my first blog entry ever.

I'm an old pro at journaling however so this shouldn't be so difficult. I guess the thing is that I am aware that what I write here goes out onto the internet so EVERYBODY who wishes to can read it. Huzzah! I'm finally a published writer! Self-published but, then, aren't we all?

Just a note: I use the terms Soul, Self, Universe, and God(ess) interchangeably because to me, they are One and the same.

I am part of a rapidly growing collective of Self-aware beings that have chosen to help bring about some very sorely needed changes in the way humanity views itself, the world it lives on, and the universal community it belongs to.

You may not have heard of me. Most likely not. However, you may have heard of one or more of my/our Family members on the following list:

Richard Bach
Neale Donald Walsch
Michael 'Papa Nez' Nesmith
Mike Tooley aka 'The Universe' (You can check out his website at www.tut.com)
Swami Beyondananda
Mahavatar Babaji
... just to name a few. There are more. There is more. MUCH more....

If you haven't read or even heard of any of the above authors/teachers/Family members, then I sincerely hope you take a moment out soon to check out their most recent works.

If what you read resonates with you, please be sure to check back here every once in a while for my latest musings and inspirations from the same Source that inspired and continues to inspire and shall always (all ways) inspire the Family of the Self. (Oh yeah, you are a member of the Family, too! - That's what we're all about, helping to remind our Family members that they ALL are Sons and Daughters of God(ess). It seems some of us chose to forget that somewhere along the way but the beauty of it is we can always choose to remember again whenever we want to.)

This is fun! Looking forward to blogging with you more!

Sincerely, your soul sister,


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